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Plan Road Trip Bhopal To Chitrakoot : Chitrakoot A Hill Of Many Wonders

Devout Chitrakoot nested in the Northern Vidya Range of mountains which include famous religious mountains such as Hanuman Dhara, Kamad Giri, Lakshman Pahari, Janki Kund, and Devangana. The region's name is believed to be derived from the presence of 'Cheetal' (deer). Chitrakoot, known as 'the place of many wonders', is a sacred land in Hindu mythology, believed to be the birthplace of the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.

Bhopal to Chitrakoot Cab Service

Bhopal To Chitrakoot Dham Taxi Services: Madhya Pradesh Tour

The town's beauty, surrounded by the Vindhya mountain range, is a popular destination for pilgrims seeking spiritual solace and immersing themselves in ancient legends. The town is home to numerous temples and sacred sites, showcasing its divine heritage and attracting visitors from around the world.

Ram Ghat in Chitrakoot is a must visit during Diwali and Ram Navmi for the 'Deep Daan festival' and Ram Navmi celebrations. Chitarkoot is a spiritual retreat, meditation shrine of legendary sages, and is believed to have the hindu trinity incarnation.

Places To Visit In Chitrakoot: Things To Do In Chitrakoot Dham

Bharat Milap: Bharat Milap temple marks the place where Lord Bharat met Lord Rama to convince him to return to Ayodhya. Most amazing thing is you can see the footprints of Lord Rama and Lord Bharat here.

Gupt Godavri: For some part of the exile, Lord Ram and Lakshman stayed in Gupt Godavari, a two cave system inside a mountain with water level at high knee.

Hanuman Dhara: There is a stream of water falling upon the deity of Lord Hanuman releasing in a kund and there are langurs in this area.

Ramdhat: Ramghat is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chitrakoot. The serene ghat lining the Mandakini River is where Lord Ram, Maa Sita and Bhai Lakshman appeared in front of the famous ancient poet Tulsidas who used to write Ram Charit Manas.

Kamadgiri: Kamadgiri is a forested hill with the base surrounded by multiple Hindu temples on all sides and is considered to be the heart of Chitrakoot. The name, Kamadgiri, came from Kamadnathji- fulfiller of all wishes (Shree Ram).

Other Attractions of Chitrakoot Dham: Sati Anasuya, Ganeshbagh, Rajapur, Bharat Koop, Sitapur, Kalinjar, Kamtanath, Dharkundi, Janaki Kund, Sphatik Shila, Valmiki Ashram, Matha Gajendra Nath Shiv Temple, etc.

Bhopal to Chitrakoot Cab Service

Natural Beauty of Chitrakoot: Nearby Places to Visit in Chitrakoot

Dazzling Panna (Chitrakoot to Dazzling Panna Distance: 141 KM)
Enchanting Rewa (Chitrakoot to Rewa Distance: 118 KM)

Bhopal To Chitrakoot Travel Options: Car/Taxi/Train/Bus

Book a hassle-free cab trip from Bhopal to Chitrakoot Dham with Maa Tours and Travels, one of the best taxi services in Bhopal, starting at Rs. 14500, (cheapest Bhopal to Chitrakoot Cab Fare) for an enjoyable road trip experience. Time taken from Bhopal to Chitrakoot Dham by road is almost 10 hours and 55 minutes. (time variation depends upon traffic).

Bhopal to Chitrakoot Dham by Train

India's large railway network faces competition from road transport, making it crucial to book train tickets ahead of time for a comfortable journey from Bhopal to Chitrakoot Dham.

Bhopal to Chitrakoot Dham by Train

Bus travel from Bhopal to Chitrakoot Dham offers various services, with travel times influenced by India's traffic, roads, and climatic conditions.

Book Bhopal To Chitrakoot Taxi Service Online: Maa Tours And Travels

We offer the best travel company in Bhopal- speed deliverables, efficient travel and timeliness. Moreover, we also ensure safety that is of utmost consideration for any cab service provider in Bhopal. Book Bhopal to Chitrakoot Dham cab service in Bhopal online through our user friendly website or you can also book over the call, we would like to assist you! If you study the Bhopal to Chitrakoot Cab Rental Prices and Options, you will find Maa Tours and travels, one of the best travel agents in Bhopal, that provides quality taxi service at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Bhopal to Chitrakoot Dham driving distance is more than 10 hours as Bhopal to Chitrakoot distance is approximately 512 Km.

Between July and March, when the weather is pleasant and not too hot, is the best time to visit Chitrakoot. Monsoon season is the best time to travel, especially starting in August.

Yes, Chitrakoot is a hill station! One of the well-known hill resorts close to Lucknow is Chitrakoot, which is situated in the Vindhayachal Ranges.

A holy location known for both its natural beauty and its high spiritual elevation is Chitrakoot. The top sights to see in Chitrakoot include Ram Ghat, Kamadgiri, and the Gupt Godavari Caves.

Chitrakoot, a historical Madhya Pradesh destination, offers mesmerizing attractions worth a 2-day visit for its best experiences.

Tourist places in Chitrakoot are uncountable and you will really enjoy visiting Chitrakoot Dham.

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